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Below are some examples of resources that Arizona Benefit Consultants can provide to make health care reform as easy as ABC! Don’t see what you’re looking for or need more information? Contact us today and we’ll get you in touch with an expert.
Legislative & Compliance Campaigns
Legislative Briefs & Compliance Information

Our clients enjoy access to timely and topical content regarding health care reform. Some of the campaigns we offer include:
  • Legal & Compliance Monthly Updates
  • Affordable Care Act Monthly Education Campaign
  • Affordable Care Act Tools
  • Required Compliance Notices
  • Health Care Consumerism Education Campaign For Employees
ACA Manager

Our ACA Manager includes:
  • Pay or Play Calculator & Assessment
  • Setup multiple measurement, administrative, and stability periods
  • Analytics, including employer affordability ratio
  • Notifications, including automatic triggering of model exchange notices
  • Reporting
    • Signature ready forms
    • 6055 & 6056 reporting
      • 1094-B, 1094-C
      • 1095-B, 1095-C
    • E-File Available
ACA Manager

Worried About Health Care Reform?


Whether the Affordable Care Act stays in place or a new health care reform bill is passed in congress, Arizona Benefit Consultants will be there to keep you in the loop on of all of the news and legislative updates. Most importantly, we’ll work to make sure you are in compliance with all health care regulations.

To get you started, we'll send you a free copy of our DOL Audit Guide!