The amount of laws and regulations regarding employment law and health insurance have only grown in complexity over time. Add in the uncertainty pertaining to the future of health care reform and what you have is an environment in which businesses often struggle to remain in compliance. Partner with Arizona Benefit Consultants and compliance will no longer be your concern. We have you covered, from our experts, who are always trained and educated about the newest regulations, to our technological offerings that make complying with the Affordable Care Act’s tax filings a breeze.

  • Education on plan design

  • Breakdowns and guidance on state and federal benefits laws

  • A full suite of reference materials on the Affordable Care Act

  • Compliance bulletins, legislative briefs, and newsletters

  • Health care reform calculators

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • Affordable Care Act Toolkit
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Summary of Benefits & Coverage
  • 6055 & 6056 Reporting & Filing
  • PCORI Fees Reporting & Filing

We Provide Education, Notices & Forms For:

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Medicare Part D
  • Anti-Discrimination Act (ADA)
  • Section 125

Other Compliance Issues That Service:

  • 5500 Reporting & Filing
  • GINA
  • DOL Audits